J. Raul Baez

In previous series of works, I’ve used other subejcts, usually strangers, as avatars to be reconfigured, posed, cloned, and edited to fit my visions of trauma. Using others to portray the disturbing, anxiety-provoking dissonance that exists between how I perceive myself and how I am conceived extra-corporeally provided me with what I believed was the necessary distance to properly analyze my experience. Alas, I was merely evading the subject: myself. Hence, this work, titled Entre tu y Yo [preface] (between you and I), is both an artistic and ideological turn for me where I reference my previous inability to see myself or rather my refusal to look at my trauma straight on. Through avoidance, the body I sought to salvage from a depression caused by racial and cultural politics, vis-à-vis my artistic practice, further contorts itself until it exhausts itself. What remains is a ghost of what was.


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